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In Guatemala

Ixcacao makes the highest quality premium chocolate, harvested and handcrafted in Guatemala.

Our chocolate bars are made with locally grown cacao, fresh roasted nuts, and pure refined oils.

Ixcacao is one of few companies in the world whose chocolate is made in the same region in which the cacao is grown. The ingredients that go into Ixcacao chocolate are meticulously selected and handled with the highest standard of care. For this reason we know that you’ll taste the difference from the very first bite.

In addition to being processed near its source, our chocolate is carefully made and packaged by hand, batch by batch, bar by bar. With all of the care and attention that goes into our products, it’s easy to see why premium chocolate lovers choose Ixcacao.

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From solid chocolate bars to our Mayan Sipping Chocolate™, each and every product that carries our name is handmade and packaged here in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. We’ve been doing things this way since the very beginning. While our equipment and selection may have changed over the years, our mission has remained the same: to create the finest premium chocolate available anywhere. We recommend you compare it to any other and decide for yourself!

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– Social Responsibility –

Our Part to Help Others


Our goal is that every person involved in the process of growing, harvesting, handling, processing, and transporting our chocolate is paid and treated fairly. 10% of our profits are donated to non-profit organizations that support local Mayan health, education, and sustainable alternative income generation programs. We ensure that there is no child labor on the farms where our cacao is harvested.


Ak’Tenamit is a Mayan organization dedicated to improving health, education, and family incomes in eastern Guatemala. Ak’Tenamit provides basic healthcare to thousands of people in over 50 Q’eqchi Mayan villages. It gives hundreds of students a practical, vocational education at the Fr. Tom Moran Center, a jungle boarding school campus, where the national curriculum has been adapted to the students’ indigenous culture and rural reality. It catalyzes grass-roots development and helps village handicraft cooperatives to sell their wares at fair-trade prices, which provides vital income extremely poor families. It promotes gender equity, cultural pride, community solutions, environmental sustainability and empowerment of youth.