available at select locations

handmade solid dark chocolate

This is our classic Mayan calendar 100 gram 65% dark chocolate bar. Deep and flavorful with a touch of bitterness.

Available 30 gram, 100 gram, and 1 pound bars.

handmade solid milk chocolate

This is our classic Mayan calendar design in a 100 gram milk chocolate bar. Simple, sweet, and amazingly delicious.

Available 30 gram, 100 gram, and 1 pound bars.



According to Mayan mythology, Ixcacao was the goddess of Chocolate, Fertility and Abundance. She was also known as the "Queen of Love and Pleasure." At Ixcacao™, we strive to bring our customers the best in each and every one of our products. We use only the finest cacao, the freshest nuts, and the purest oils and natural flavors in all of our chocolate.


From solid chocolate bars to our Mayan Sipping Chocolate™, each and every product that carries our name is handmade and hand-packaged, right here in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. We've been doing things this way since the very beginning years ago. While our equipment and selection may have changed, our mission has remained the same: to create the best chocolate available. We recommend you compare it to any other and decide for yourself!

cacao tea

Made from organic cacao husks and cacao nibs.

Available in three sizes: 3oz bag, 5oz Mayan textile bag, and 8oz foil bag.

sipping chocolate

An exquisite sipping beverage with a complex and long-lasting flavor.

flavor-filled chocolate

30 gram bars filled with various flavors.


Milk Chocolate Almond

A milk chocolate enjoyed with the smokey snap of fresh roasted almonds.


Milk Chocolate Macadamia

A milk chocolate paired with the vivid flavors and textures of its fresh roasted macadamia nut.


Milk Chocolate Coffee

Dark, bold roasted coffee beans balanced with sweet milk chocolate.


Milk Chocolate Coconut

A milk chocolate harmonized with the subtle flavors of coconut and honey, and juxtaposed with a playful coconut texture.


Dark Chocolate Orange

A dark chocolate brightened by the flavors of sweet homemade candied orange peel pieces.


Dark Chocolate 85%

A dark chocolate that melts on your tongue with a velvet texture. A strong 85% Criollo cacao with a subtle amount of sweetness for the right balance.


Dark Chocolate Mint

A dark chocolate with bright peppermint that leaves your palette uplifted and refreshed.

1 pound bar

This is our 1 pound chocolate bar. Simple, sweet, and amazingly delicious.

Available in various fillings with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate

cacao extract

Made from the finest quality 100% organic Criollo cacao beans.

Add to you favorite food or beverage for pure organic flavor.

gift pack

Assorted chocolates gift packs available at select locations.